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At Wicall’s Carpets and Flooring, we go above and beyond for our clients!

Here’s how we helped our client Judy with her bedroom renovation:

“We had a bedroom floor replaced this week. We’d procrastinated on it because we have some huge, very heavy furniture that would have to be moved. Finally, the old carpet was in such bad shape we really had no choice. We went to Wicall’s and asked if it would be possible to have the flooring done AND help moving the furniture. Sure! So Rich came out with Oscar to help move those heavy oak pieces. Then Rich did the whole floor by himself, taking great care to scrape fifty years of old glue and padding residue off the cement. Along the way, he was really helpful with our requests and made time for us to finish painting a wall that had been inaccessible behind  furniture. When the flooring was in place just perfect, Rich installed new floorboards for us.
Wow, is that little bedroom pretty! We had chosen the best quality Congoleum vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood, total easy care. It makes the small room look larger and we just love it. Got a couple of new throw rugs and can’t wait to redecorate. Thanks, Rich, Oscar and Lisa. We will not hesitate to recommend you in the future!”

— Judy P.

We’re thrilled we could help, Judy!

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