Red Wine Can ruin the evening if there’s a spill – Wicall’s Carpets and Flooring to the rescue!

There are some in Santa Clarita who loves Red Wine, but if there’s a spill, it can stain.

Nothing ruins a lovely evening faster than a red wine spill on the carpet or hardwood. Fortunately, with some elbow grease, you can get red wine out before it causes permanent damage.

If the carpet spill just happened, get a clean white cloth and put pressure on the stain until the cloth is saturated with the wine. Repeat with clean cloths until no more wine is being absorbed. Switch to a clean, damp cloth (use cold water to avoid setting the stain) and blot until the remaining wine is no longer visible.

What about a red wine spill on a light-colored hardwood floor? Simple: Soak up the initial spill with clean paper towels, then clean your floor as you normally would with a floor cleaner that’s safe for hardwood flooring.

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