We had a bedroom floor replaced this week. We’d procrastinated on it because we have some huge, very heavy furniture that would have to be moved. Finally, the old carpet was in such bad shape we really had no choice. We went to Wicall’s (had never dealt with them before) and asked if it would be possible to have the flooring done AND help moving the furniture. Sure! So Rich came out with Oscar to help move those heavy oak pieces. Then Rich did the whole floor by himself, taking great care to scrape fifty years of old glue and padding residue off the cement. Along the way, he was really helpful with our requests and made time for us to finish painting a wall that had been inaccessible behind furniture. When the flooring was in place just perfect, Rich installed new floorboards for us.

Wow, is that little bedroom pretty! We had chosen the best quality Congoleum vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood, total easy care. It makes the small room look larger and we just love it. Got a couple of new throw rugs and can’t wait to redecorate. Thanks, Rich, Oscar and Lisa. We will not hesitate to recommend you in the future!

Judy P.

We needed to get our carpets replaced and we did some shopping around to get a feel for the costs and the type of options.  We had measurements done and visited several local shops.  We decided on Wicall based on how nice they were, how knowledgeable about their products and their inventory. We felt that throughout the whole process they were genuine and they cared about finishing what they started. We had not bought carpets in over ten years and we were not sure how the process would go.  We are very impressed with the results, but it was the whole process that really made it a great deal for us.  From the day Oscar came to measure, they were up front with the numbers.  When we visited the shop they showed us their options and we chose a carpet that worked best with our budget and looked great.  They gave us options and install dates and they delivered as promised.  The installers were great, we had prepared the rooms as they instructed and they moved all the rest of our furniture.  They really did a great job with the installation as the carpet looks like its from a showroom.  We love the look of the new carpet and we are very happy with the decision to choose Wicall’s.

Julie G.

The first time we used Wicall’s Carpets we purchased carpet for most of my home about 15 years ago. Lisa helped me to choose the best possible carpet for my budget as well as my home. It still looks great today! She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process. Years later we bought wood for my upstairs office and again  it was a great experience. This past year we bought flooring to replace some of the carpet downstairs and once again the service was awesome. It was great to find a local business that has been here as long as Wicall’s, but more importantly having been proved over and over again of their integrity, professionalism and just old fashion caring for the customer. We will never buy flooring from anywhere else.

Laura S.